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Version 1.5
Requires OS X 10.10 or later

Archiv - easily extract files and archive them with 7zip (7z), RAR, zip and other formats.

Archiv - is a brand new and modern 7z (7zip) archiver for your Mac, easy to use as it possible. With Archiv your can create archives in different popular formats and extract them easily. Because of using native disk utilities of Mac, Archiv is very reliable and secure! Password protection make your archives also safe. Convenient Drag & Drop support!

Perfect! Finally a good application that works well for archives in several formats! Thank you developer! (Parfait ! Enfin une bonne application qui fonctionne bien pour faire des archives sous plusieurs fomats ! Merci au développeur !)
Archiv - is the high level of minimalism.. simple and convenient tool for working with archives..
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