Archiv 2.0 was released
Feb. 24, 2022, 6 p.m. by Ruslan Hakimzhanov

Dear customers, I have worked hard last months to deliver you the fastest and the best modern archiving tool for macOS. I have completely rewritten whole app from the ground, to make it much better for further improvements and development, it was very necceserelly. I have tried many possible solutions until I found good one. Thats why it took so much time. Much of time (hundreds of hours) was spent on testing all functions and integration testing.

WHAT‘S NEW: - Compiled for brand new Apple Silicon®(M1.. M2, M2 Max.. chips) - Upgraded to brand new 7z ver. 25.07 - Added brand new latest version of Brotli (developed by Google®) compression algorithm, archiving and extracting - Added brand new latest version of ZStandard (zstd, developed by Facebook®) compression algorithm, archiving and extracting - Added wim (Windows®) images, archiving and extracting - Improved support for 7z multiparted archives (splitting) - Added zip multiparted support, archiving and extracting - Added rar multiparted support, archiving and extracting - Miltiparted archiving and split options menu were moved from main menu to main window as drop-down menu - Improved multithreading and multiprocess functionality, now you can select how many operations should be executed semultinously - Upgraded to brand new unrar 6.10 utility - Added dark mode - Added accent color of macOS (highlight color) now you can see changes in app - Additional performance improvements - Added Settings window, many new settings were added, customization added, more settings comming soon - New icons for archive types were created, you will see it in Finder, hope you like it - Added more languages: Czech, Croation, Catalan, Slovak, Ukrainian, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Chinese Traditional, Latvian, Slovenian, if you use these langs as user interface language of macOS you will see changes in app. It was translated using Google Translate, bear in mind, i am a solo developer. If you can help me to improve these langs i will be appreciate.

FIXED: - Improved UI, fixed bug when some labels are flickering - Fixed rare bugs of extraction of multiparted archives - Fixed bug of extractions in special cases

NOTES: What will be implemented in next updates: - More settings and features, for example file access control, and more UI customization - Old or other file formats - More finder integration (like finder submenus) - Icons in operations list - You can send me your desings of file icons as CC0 and I can include it to programm, and appreciate your name in app.

Unfortunately it was not possible to add xz (, developed by Tukaani) compression algorithm, because this tool use GPLv2+ libraries, thats why I cannot include it in commercial product, because I want to be honest, and not violate law. But maybe I will find solution soon.

If you have some issues or another problems please let me know asap!