Lifetime license.
Requires iOS 10.2 or later

Tresor - password manager for iOS

Tresor is very simple and intuitive but very powerful password manager and security utility with strong military grade encryption. Tresor protects your confidential information with AES-256 encryption, the highest level of encryption on mobile devices. Save your passwords in one place, all your data is protected with one password.
  • Strong and secure AES-256 encryption.
  • Master password protection.
  • iCloud synchronisation.
  • Local storage.
  • Standard categories like Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Websites, Software Licenses, Passwords, Notes.
  • Customizable categories and ability to add new categories without limitations.
  • Unlimited count of categories.
  • Customizable fields of items with ability to add new.
  • Unlimited count of items.
  • Unlimited count of fields.
  • Full control of content of your data.
Support for latest iOS
Using modern and recent technologies from Apple. Password manager for your iPhone and iPad.