Version 1.7.6
Requires OS X 10.10 or later

BookmarkApp: fjern dupliserte bokmerker, sorter, rydde opp og organisere Safari-nettleseren din

BookmarkApp er en unik og nyttig verktøy for å organisere bokmerker i nettleseren Safari. Alle som bruker Safari som hoved nettleser har mange dupliserte bokmerker. Selv etter rengjøring, under import eller legge av de nye bokmerker kan være også mange duplikater. Målet med dette verktøyet for å gjøre Safari rene og organisert, og spare tid.
Fjerne dupliserte bokmerker, rene og organisere Safari nettleser. Rask og enkel!
BookmarkApp tidligere kjent som Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner.

What customers say about my app:

Excellent! Years of bookmarks collected, now cleaned out and organized! Exactly what Safari needs. ... works excellent!
Finally!... In five minutes I got rid of over 2000 duplicates that accumulated over years... Thank you to the developer.
Worth every penny! Amazing that Safari doesn’t have name sorting built in. The “Check dead links” and “Find duplicates” functions are also great. Feels like a must-have app if you use Safari.
Simple to use and does what it's suppose to do. I needed an app to quickly find, allow me to review, and then let me delete duplicate bookmarks. I also needed a fast way to sort bookmarks alphabelcally. Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner does the job nicely.
Long time i was looking to cleaning my safari tab,more than 1000 doubles,work very well.
Doporučuji, jednoduchá a fungující App.
Does exactly what it says it will do. I used this application and deleted almost 500 duplicate bookmarks. Easy, clean and efficient. A fantastic app!
Thanks for truly great app. I was looking for bookmarks manager for so long and failed to find one. Bought URL manager which simply did not work. Finally found this app and thought I do not write reviews very often I did this time because I am very very thankfull for designing something sensible and working. Thanks a lot. Would recommend.
Huge Time Saver... It saved me so much time. I’d recommend it if you have years of unsorted bookmarks. I had so many and many duplicated in different places, I didn’t know where to start. This helped a ton by deleting duplicates, deleting empty folders and consolidating folders.
Sorting Within Folder Function Added. Updated version lets you sort bookmarks within a specific bookmark folder. I have my bookmark folders ordered as I want them - but individual bookmarks in a folder, as they are added, are not ordered alphabetically. The new function lets me keep my large bookmark folders organized for ease of access This is a very handy feature and increases the utility of the application. For anyone using Safari with large bookmark collections this is recommended.
Warum bietet Safari diese Funktionen nicht selbst? Was habe ich mich schon geärgert über die fehlende Funktion in Safari, die Lesezeichen zu sortieren! Nun endlich gibt es ein kleines Programm, welches genau das nachrüstet, was fehlt! Man kann gar nicht hoch genug einschätzen, dass endlich ein Programmierer sich dieser Dinge angenommen hat. Man kann Ordner nach oben holen, Duplikate finden und löschen und nun kann man sogar noch tote Links finden ... Klar, 10 € ist nicht ganz billig, aber mir ist es das wert, denn der Frust über Apple war doch ziemlich groß.
Through a long history of crashes, and issues my bookmarks getting sycned, resynced and cross synced with errors with Xmarks etc. my bookmarks were a HUGE MESS! After using this software for a couple of hours, I went from having THOUSANDS of mis-filed and overly duplicated bookmarks down to a lean 935. The documentation could have been better especially with the “folders first” description. THE BEST FEATURE was to get into a folder and just SORT the bookmarks alphabetically and BOOM, all of the duplicates stacked up for easy MANUAL removal in the bookmarks screen. I prefer doing that because I can “cross check” instead of having to them one at a time in the software OR having it choose my deletions. $9.99 is a BIT high for this but again, it did the job
Rápida y funcional! Hace lo que se espera, Muy rápida. Cuando la compré pensé que iba a tirar dos euros. Pero si te ahorra 1 hora de tu tiempo acomodando los marcadores ya vale lo que la has pagado. Buena aplicación.
Efficient solution for keeping your Safari bookmarks collection clean
Funktioniert! Viel gibts nicht zu sagen, die App funktioniert mit OSX 10.11 einwandfrei!
thanks for the app, very useful.
Ortwin Gentz from
Safariのブックマーク整理に - 非常にシンプルで、困った人には非常に助かるアプリケーションです。 文字通りSafariのブックマークでダブっているURLを削除してくれます。 複数のWebブラウザを使いいろんなブックマーク共有アプリでぐじゃぐじゃになっていたブックマークをあっという間に綺麗にしてくれました。 ブックマークの大掃除に大助かりです。重服が消えればあとは地道に整理するだけ・・・
Yoshiaki Amano
깔끔하네요. 어디서 통합 됐는지도 모를 즐겨찾기가 수백개 달려있어서 갑갑했는데, 한방에 해결 됐습니다..ㅋㅋ 정신건강에도 좋네요..ㅎㅎ
사파리 중복북마크 정리 한방에... 생각보다 훨씬 좋습니다. 사용하기 쉽고 빨라요.
No doubt is useful app
было 9 тыс закладок. после работы приложения осталось 600